What this citrus fruit is called in English?
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What this citrus fruit is called in English?

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11 Décembre 2017 à 13:55

What are they called in English? What do you call this citrus fruit in English? We call them "Kinnow" in Pakistan. And I think they are also called "Kinnow" in Pakistani English. Unlike oranges, they are peeled off and separated into pieces/segments to be eaten.

However, in other parts of the world they have different names. Like you may call them "Clementine" in the USA or "Tangerine" in the UK. May be I am wrong. "Tangerine" may be different from "Clementine" or may be "Tangerine" and "Clementine" are two different names of the same citrus fruit. Do let me know what the citrus fruit in the pictures is called in your part of the English speaking world.

Please Help.


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